“Serkele”: a Peek into the World of 1820s Polish Jewry

Sundays,3:00 p.m. PDT, starting on Sunday, December 12, 2021.

About the course


Serkele, by Dr Solomon Ettinger
Considered a pioneer and a classic of Yiddish theater, this satirical play was written by the talented Dr Ettinger in his twenties, in 1820s. It was almost a miracle that a decent copy of the text survived, and we are very lucky to have it — because it preserved for posterity a rich sample of everyday Polish Yiddish of the early 19th century. Carefully exploring and savoring every phrase and sentence of this important source will also help us get the feel of life and mentality of the “hostages of the Pale” of that period. This course is designed for intermediate speakers of Yiddish.

Prices  $15 for each class or $70 for a 6-session package for early bird registration (available until December 5) or $18 for each class or $80 for the 6-session package if registering after December 5. Free tuition for YAAANA interns and volunteers, for more information please contact us at info@yaaana.org

David Shafir

David Shafir is a life-long student of Yiddish. Having spent many years among the native speakers of Yiddish in Canada and USA has helped him a lot in better understanding the language and its culture. He loves collaborating on new Yiddish-focused projects.